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Lord Ganesha

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Significance of Panguni Uthiram !!

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Panguni Uthram is an auspicious day commemorates the divine marriage of   Lord Subramanya with Goddess Valli and Goddess Deivayanai.  Lord Subramanya married to Goddess Sri Deivayanai daughter of Lord Indra and Goddess Sri Valli daughter of Nambirajan to reveal the Truth of Equality.  He had chosen Goddess Valli and Goddess Deivayanai from entirely different status.  The highest and most honorable position was Indra and the lowest amongst all was a hunter.   Goddess Deivayanai was married to Lord Muruga in Thiruchendur immediately after beheading the demon Soorapadman.    Lord Indra was impressed at the valor of Lord Subramanya and offered his daughter.   Goddess Valli’s marriage to Lord Subramanya was taken place completely at the will of Lord.  He approached Goddess Valli with a keen desire to save her from the material world.  She was living a life of an ordinary young woman in the tribe and she was totally engrossed in her responsibilities as a daughter.

Sage Shiva underwent severe penance and when he opened his eyes saw a deer standing before him.  Sage was attracted to its allure and looked at it affectionately.  Immediately, the deer got conceived and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.   The deer left the baby in the backyard.   Nambirajan was a hunter who had no offspring for a while; he was working in his farm of Sweet Tapioca Plants found this stunning baby.  He brought up her affectionately and named her Valli.   She was grown up into a beautiful young maiden, lived among the flock of hunter tribe like an ordinary girl.

Lord Vishnu's daughter Sundaravalli was preferred to marry Lord Subramanya.  She underwent severe penance and prayed to Lord Subramanya.  Lord Subramanya was pleased at her devotion and commanded her that she would be born as Valli on the Earth.  He promised her that he would come in search for her and marry her in an appropriate time.   Accordingly, Goddess Valli was born as an ordinary hunter girl in the family of Nambirajan who was the chief of the Tribe.   The Hunter family had a custom of assigning the duty of protection of the farm to the teenage girl in their family.   Therefore, Valli was assigned the task of taking care of their farm during the night.  At this point of time, Lord Subramanya approached Valli as an ordinary human being and won over her.   Lord Subramanya with the assistance of his brother Lord Ganesha made her realized the purpose of her incarnation on this Earth.  Finally, Goddess Valli and Lord Subramanya’s marriage took place.   The above episode reveals the compassion of Paramatma/supreme Lord to protect Jeevathma, Goddess Valli from this material world.

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Origin of Six Holy Abodes of Lord Subramanya !!

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The most significant incident took place when Maharishi Narada arrived at Mount Kailash with a Mango,  an elixir of Knowledge & wisdom.  The divine couple was astounded at the advice of Maharishi Narada, the divine Mango should be eaten wholly to obtain its merit.  The celestial couple put forward a condition before their loveliest children Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya.  The condition was whoever comes first after circumambulating /Parikrama of the Universe for three times would be benefitted with the unique elixir of Wisdom.   Lord Subramanya set off on his celestial vehicle - peacock and Lord Ganesha remained helpless with his pot sized belly.  Soon Lord Ganesha circumambulated His divine parents for three times to revive the prime truth that ‘Father and Mother constitute the Universe’ and won the blissful Mango.  Lord Subramanya arrived at Mount Kailash after the Parikrama of Universe and found that the Mango was already possessed by his elder brother Lord Ganesha.  It mounted his anger; he immediately left Mount Kailash with all the commotions.  Though his parents were followed him with extreme compassion, it all ended in vain,  when Lord Subramanya embarked his journey from Mount Kailash, he passed through the southwards; he put a break of his journey in six places which turned out Six Holy Abodes of Lord Subramanya.  The six holy Abodes are Thiruthani, Swamimalai, Thiru Avinankudi, Pazhamudhircholai, Thirupparamkundram and Thiruchendur.  While his journey he had ferocious battle against the demons.  Lord Indra was pleased at the valor of Lord Subramanya and offered his daughter Deivayani.   Thiruchender is one of the glorious abodes where Lord Subramanya married to Goddess Deivayani.

Lord Subramanya preceded his journey towards Sri Lanka and settled in Kathirkamam.  Later, he was married to Goddess Valli, a tribal girl and daughter of Nambirajan, who was the chief of the tribal clan.  Goddess Deivayani symbolizes the energy of Action, Goddess Valli represents the energy of Desire and the Spear denotes energy of Knowledge, thus they are altogether phrased as Kriya Sakthi, Iccha Sakthi and Gnana Sakthi. 

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Birth of Lord Subramanya - Skandhapuranam !!

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Skandha Puranam describes the glorious birth of Lord Skandha/Lord Subramanya / Kaliyuga Vardhan /Arumughan - Six faced Lord.  His six faces represents the six divine aspects of Beauty, Valor, Love, Knowledge, Youth and Happiness.  The legend has that six powerful rays emanated from the third eye of Lord Shiva after listening to Lord Brahma regarding the atrocities of the Demons.  Lord Vayu carried them and safely deposited to the holy River Ganga.  Soon after, River Ganga securely set down the most powerful rays into Saravana Poikai where the six sparks transformed into six beautiful babies. Six Karthikai women nursed the babies with greatest affection,  when Goddess Uma arrived at Saravana Poikai she was overwhelmed at the splendor of six babies seated on six lotuses, she rushed off her feet and embraced the babies altogether.  Instantly, all the six babies turned into one with six faces. 

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Glories of Ekadashi austerities and Types of Ekadashi !!

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Margashirsha Krishna Ekadashi/Uthpanna Ekadashi

Margashirsha Shukla Ekadashi /Mokshadha Ekadashi

     Pausha Krishna Ekadshi / Saphala Ekadashi

  Pausha Shukla Ekadashi /Putrada Ekadashi

Magha Krishna Ekadashi / Sat-tila Ekadashi

MaghaShukla Ekadashi /Jaya Ekadashi

Phalguna Krishna Ekadashi /Vijaya Ekadashi

Phalguna Shukla Ekadashi / Amlaki Ekadashi

 Chaithra Krishna Ekadashi /Papamochani Ekadashi

Chaithra Shukla Ekadsashi /Kamada Ekadashi

Vaishaka Krishna Ekadashi /Varuthini Ekadashi

Vaishakha Shukla Ekadashi/ Mohini Ekadashi

Jyeshta Krishna Ekadashi /Apara Ekadashi

Jyeshta Shukla Ekadashi /Nirjala Ekadashi /Bhimaseni Ekadashi

Ashada Krishna Ekadashi /Yogini Ekadashi

Ashada Shukla Ekadashi /Harisayana Ekadashi/Devasayani /Padma Ekadashi

Shravana Krishna Ekadashi /Kamika Ekadashi

Shravana Shukla  Ekadashi /Pavithra Ekadashi/Pavithropana Ekadashi

Bhadrapadha  Krishna Ekadashi /Annada Ekadashi /Aja Ekadashi

 Bhadrapadha Shukla Ekadashi / Parsva Ekadashi /Parivarthini Ekadashi /Vamana Ekadashi

Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi /Indira Ekadashi

Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi / Papankusha Ekadshi

Karthika Krishna Ekadashi / Rama Ekadashi

 Krithika Shukla Ekadashi / Haribodhini Ekadashi/Devoththani Ekadashi/ Prabodhini Ekadashi/

Padmini Ekadashi /Adikamasa Ekadashi

Parama Ekadashi / Adikamasa Ekadashi

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Parama Ekadashi / Adikamasa Ekadashi - Glories of Parama Ekadashi !!

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Skandhapuranam describes the glories of Parama Ekadashi which occurs in the dark fortnight in the leap year.  Lord Krishna describes the splendor of Parma Ekadashi to King Yudhishtira.

The legend has that there was a pious Brahmin Sumedha and his chaste wife Pavithra lived in the city of Kampilya.  This couple had to face extreme poverty due to the sins committed by Sumedha in his previous life; his wife Pavithra was highly devoted to her husband in their worse living conditions too.  She relentlessly served her guests with her share of food and she would remain abstaining from consuming meal, due to this her body started to fade but her affection towards her husband remained firm.   Sumedha was dejected to see their pitiable living conditions, once he revealed his intention to leave the city in search for livelihood, but his dutiful wife Pavithra discouraged him with the consequences it.  One day great Sage Kaundinya arrived in Kampilya.   Sumedha and Pavithra offered their respectful obeisance to the Sage and received him with great honor.  Pavithra served the Sage with sumptuous meal she could offer with the alms her husband had brought home.  Pavithra explained the pitiable state of them and enquired the Sage for any austerities, or pilgrimage to get rid of their poverty.   Sage Kaundinya narrated the glories of fasting on Parama Ekadashi which could provide abundance of merit includes removal of sins and miseries.  It was observed by Lord Kubera/Lord of Wealth, King Harishchandra observed this Ekadashi and reunited with his family and regained his lost glories.  Sage Kaundinya advised Pavithra to observe the glorious Parama Ekadashi with utmost faith and devotion that would fulfill their desires and eradicate all the miseries.  Whoever feed Vedic/scholarly Bhramins for five days/Pancharathrika would attain the heavenly abode, all the deities, forefathers and demons would be pleased with this pious deed, offering water to a thirsty Bhramin on all these five days would bring the pieties of offering the world as charity, whoever donate a vessel filled sesame seeds would reside in the heaven, whoever donates golden vessel filled with ghee would attain the abode of Lord Surya after a living a luxurious life on Earth, whoever observe strict austerities and abstain from sensual pleasures during these auspicious five days would attain the luxuries of celestial abode and remain in the Indraloka.  Pavithra and Sumedha sincerely observed the Parma Ekadashi and witnessed a celestial being; emissary of Lord Bhrama approached them and offered a beautiful home with all the luxuries and the entire village for their livelihood.  The couple lived happily and finally attained the abode of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Krishna concluded whoever observes the Parama Ekadashi along with Pancharathrika would be freed from all the sins and attains the abode of Lord Vishnu.  The pieties include bathing in sacred river Ganga and Pushkar, offering cows as charity and performance various religious rites.  Bhramins are treated as superior among the Varnas likewise Cow among four legged creatures, Lord Indra among the celestials, in the same manner Parma Ekadashi along with the Pancharathrika is treated as highly meritorious that could eradicate all the sins.

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Adikamasa Padmini Ekadashi / Glories of Padmini Ekadashi

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Skandhapuranam describes the glories of Padmini Ekadashi which occurs on shukla  Paksha in the leap year,  Lord Krishna describes the grandeur of Padmini Ekadashi to King Yudhishtira, that was earlier described by Lord Bhrama to Maharishi Narada, whoever observe this Ekadashi would attain abundance of meritorious rewards, it has the capabilities to destroys all the sins of the worshiper and provide liberty from the cycles of birth and death.

Lord Krishna narrates the method of observance of Padmini Ekadashi, the austerities begins on the previous day, the worshiper should consume meal once on Dashami day without adding chickpea, dal, spinach, honey or salt  etc.. food should not be consumed in metal bowl or from somebody’s home and the worshiper  should strictly avoid sensual pleasure.  On the day of Ekadashi worshiper should take bath in the holy river or pond during the early hours of dawn, reciting sacred hymns and smearing the paste of cow dung mixed with the mud and sesame seeds, Kushagrass, and Amlaki and undergo ablation with  the sacred prayer “ Oh! Mother Earth, you have been created by Lord Bhrama and purified by Sage Kashyapa and elevated by Lord Varaha, I shall offer humble obeisance to you and I shall earnestly pray to purify my body, mind and soul to worship supreme Lord Hari.” Homage to forefathers and reciting the sacred Gayathri hymns and veneration of Lord Vishnu are part of the austerities, strict observance of fast and keeping awake on the first part and second part and third part of the Ekadashi nights would provide the merit of  Agnisthoma Yagna, Vachapeya Yagna and Ashwamedha Yagna respectively.  Whoever keeps awake the whole part of the night of Ekadashi would obtain the merit of Rajasooya Yagna.  Whoever observes Padmini Ekadashi would receive the merit of holy dip in all sacred rivers, and it provides the pieties which is equivalent to the observance of all the Ekadashis in a year.  Sage Pulasthya described an interesting myth about the demon Ravana who was rescued from the prison of Karthaveerya by the Sage to Maharishi Narada.  Karthaveerya was born in the famous dynasty of Haihaya and he was the ruler of the city Mahishmathi.  He had thousand wives, he underwent severe austerities, performed Yagnas and Yagas, offered homage to forefathers etc..  unfortunately due to the curse of Sages he had no offspring for quite some time.  Finally, King Karthaveerya left his Kingdom, discarded all the luxuries and underwent severe austerities, soon his dearest wife Padmini , daughter of King Harishchandra who was born in the Ikshvaku clan also joined with her husband to wood.  The couple arrived in Mount Gandhamadhana and Karthaveerya underwent severe penance for ten thousand years meditating upon Lord Vishnu, year’s passes by Padmini could see the worsening health of her husband.  Padmini met the chaste woman Anasooya wife of Sage Athri, and described her pathetic state.  Ansooya narrated the glories of Padmini and Parama Ekadashi which falls on the leap year and advised to follow strict austerities on this propitious day which could provide virtuous offspring.  Padmini sincerely followed the advice of Anasooya, daughter of Kardhma Prajapathi and Lord Vishnu was pleased at the devotion of her and offered boon for a valorous child, eventually Padmini gave birth to the mighty Karthveerya, he remained unconquerable to the world even to demon Ravana.

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Krithika Shukla Ekadashi / Glories of Haribodhini Ekadashi/Devoththani Ekadashi/ Prabodhini Ekadashi

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Skanda Puranam describes the glories of Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi.   Lord Brahma narrates the splendor of Prabodhini Ekadashi to Maharishi Narada,   whoever observes fast and worship Lord Sriman Narayana on this day would remain blessed and it eradicates all the sins committed and bestows the liberation from the cycles of birth and death.   Observance of fast on this day gives the merits of dip in the holy river Ganga and all the scared rivers.  The devoutness acquired through the fast and austerities on this day is more than that of 1000s of Ashwamedha Yagam and 100 Raja Suya Yagnas.

Lord Brahma explains the method of worship and   observance of fast on this auspicious day to Maharishi Narada.   Consumption of midday food and supper without grains and beans eradicates the sins committed on the previous birth and two previous births respectively.   The complete fast on this day would take away all the sins committed on the previous seven births.  Whoever observes complete fast and keeps awake in the night reciting the glories of Lord Hari would obtain abundance of merits and their accumulated sins for the past 1000 years will be burned into ashes.  whoever does pious activities or follow austerities on this propitious day would earn the merit equivalent to the volume of Mount Sumeru, person who perform abundance of pious deeds but does not follow the rules and regulations prescribed in the sacred scriptures will not attain any merits, or Bhramin who does not follow the religious rites and perform Gayathri thrice a day or who does not follow austerities or fasting on the day of Ekadashi, an atheist who criticize the sacred scriptures, Vedas, and Vedic Bhramins, or who enjoys the illicit relationship or wife of a Bhramin, selfish and deceitful person, or person who does not believe in any religious rituals, a Bhramin or Shudra who enjoys the company of other man’s wife particularly from the superior clan would be treated as carnivores.  Bhramin who enjoys illicit relationship with a widow or married woman would bring ruin to his clan, Bhramin who enjoys illicit relationship will not have offspring in his next birth, person who misbehave to Bhramin or spiritual master would lose his knowledge and wisdom, wealth and his children as well.  An immoral person, person who has illicit relationship with a woman from inferior clan, association with wicked and sinful people will undergo the hellish torture in the abode of Lord Yama.  Whoever consumes meal from the above mentioned wicked and depraved people would destroy their religious fervor along with their wealth, fame, happiness and children.  People who misbehave to a saintly person would lose his spiritual knowledge, prosperity, happiness and end up in the abode of Lord Yama.  People who stands besides the morally wrong and wicked who insults the saintly person would be treated as equivalent as the culprit and he would witness his own destruction.  Therefore it is necessary to refrain from such malicious acts and follow the righteous deeds that provide merit and safest place in the celestial world.   Haribodhin Ekadashi would bring abundance of merits includes liberty from the cycles of birth and death, and thousands of ancestors of the worshipper would attain salvation.  All the sacred places in the three worlds will dwell in the house of worshipper   who sincerely follows austerities and fasting on this day would be renowned as true Yogi, he will be liberated from the cycles of birth and death, fasting on this propitious day provides merits superior than charities on the days of solar and lunar eclipse, merits include the performance of fire sacrifices, studies of entire Veda and sacred scriptures, visiting all the sacred places and dip in the holy rivers, etc… observance of  Haribodhini Ekadashi would bring merits superior to Yagna or Yaga, charity of elephants and horses, even Lord Indra venerate the worshipper who observe fast and sincere austerities on this auspicious day, it would destroy  all those sins committed in the thousands of birth.  Whoever venerates Tulsi/witness this sacred plant, plant it, water it, touches it, meditates upon her, eulogize her glories, offer obeisance to it, and take good care of this sacred plant would reside in the abode of Lord Hari.  Whoever worship Lord Hari with superior flowers like Kadamba, Bahula, Ashoka, Patali, etc..would be freed from miseries and attain the spiritual abode of Lord.  Worship of Lord Jagannatha with Kannera flowers would bring the merit of worship of Lord Keshava in all four Yugas, whoever worships Lord Krishna with Tulsi in the month of Krithika would attain the merit superior than offering ten millions cows as charity.  Whoever worship Lord Vishnu with the flowers of Champaka and Jasmine would be freed from rebirth, whoever worship Lord Vishnu with the flowers of Kethaki would be freed from the sins of ten million births.

Whoever reads or listens to the glory of Haribodhini Ekadshi/Papaharini Ekadashi would achieve the merit of hundred cows donated to a Brahman.  Whoever recite or listens to the glories of Lord Vishnu in the month of Krithika would obtain the merit of performance of 1000 fire sacrifices, offering seven islands as charity and it would burn the sins committed in their life.

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||